Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank Review



A portable power-bank is practically a must for those who own a smartphone and use it regularly. It’s the difference between running out of battery at a crucial moment and having uninterrupted use of a smart device all day. Xiaomi are building a solid reputation as a mid-high end smartphone and accessories manufacturer. So is their power bank the one for you?

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Veho 360 Portable Popup Speaker (VSS-001-360) Review

Veho 360 Portable Speaker

  • Product: Veho (VSS-001-360) 360 Portable Popup Speaker
  • Manufacturer: Veho
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  • Rating: 2/5
 We all carry portable music players these days – even if it’s one built into our phones. But there’s nothing worse than the sound of tinny music blasting out from a phone speaker (especially when it’s someone else’s music!).  Can a speaker about the size of a slightly squashed golf ball deliver any decent audio? Continue reading