AUKEY 8W LED Desk Lamp Review

Aukey desk lamp

Not quite everyday carry, but a desk lamp is an indispensable item for most. How does Aukey’s LED desk lamp fare?

First impressions

As with other Aukey items, the lamp comes in plain brown packaging, but it’s still fairly classy, and the environmentally-friendly message is appreciated. The box itself is pretty compact for a lamp, and that’s because the whole thing folds flat in a satisfying way. It’s glossy black and fairly futuristic in appearance. There’s a separate power adaptor which plugs into the lamp, and four buttons to control various aspects on the front.

Performance and features

Once you fire it up, the lamp is reasonably impressive. As a desk lamp, the lighting is directional and it’s certainly bright enough for most tasks. Interestingly, the LED is behind a ‘soft’ plastic cover, which means there’s very little glare, even at higher brightnesses. this is nice!

One the front panel we have (completely flush), touch-sensitive buttons for:

  • Mode
  • On/Off
  • Lower brightness
  • Higher brightness

The mode button switches between cool white, warm white and very warm white. This is actually incredibly useful. I’ve had the lamp on pretty much permanently while working at my desk, and I’ve found that switching from col to warm as the day progresses gives an ideal light, much like software like Flux does for desktops (there’s an idea – how about automating the switch between colour temperature?!).

There’s more than enough range to pivot the lamp head whichever way you want, and the buttons all work well.

One small complaint: because the buttons are flush to the base, it’s impossible to no where they are if the lamp is not visible – either because it’s dark (oops!) or the lamp is higher than eye-level (as is the case with me). I “Macgyvered’ my own fix for this by sticking on some of those rubber/plastic circles used to prevent scratches, and this is definitely an improvement from my point of view.

In terms of overall looks, it’s very modern, so is perfect for a high-tech desk, although is likely to be less suitable for more casual settings. Still, it’s a desk lamp, so this is hardly a complaint.


The Aukey desk lamp is a somewhat unusual, but nonetheless excellent lamp in all respects. It is well worthy of consideration if you want a more modern take on office lighting. The only caveat is those touch buttons, but if that’s an issue for you, try our ‘hack’. Otherwise, we’re happy to recommend this!


4.5 / 5 stars     

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