“Spyderco” Knock-Off Mini-Folding Knife

Fake Spyderco Mini Knife

  • Product: “Spyderco” Mini-Folding Knife
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Rating: 2/5

Here’s a bit of an oddity. An extremely cheap miniature folding knife available on various sites that claims to be from the Spyderco brand. Given how much we love Spyderco knives, we had to take a look.

First impressions

The knife comes in a rather dubious box that attempts to create its own Spyderco branding by drawing a childlike spider’s web. It’s obviously not a Spyderco item – knives like the Spyderco Bug come in a much classier presentation box. It’s all rather shameless. That said, the knife itself looks reasonable – the pattern on the handle is certainly nice.

Performance and features

The knife has a recreation of both the Spyderco emblem, and has the words “Spyderco” on the blade – all very naughty. From a closer look at the blade, the knife is obviously made of cheaper steel than a Spyderco. In fairness, it is reasonably sharp out of the box and is more than adequate as a package-opener and that sort of thing. We wouldn’t want to use it for anything heavy-duty.

The construction is relatively poor – the handle is riveted together in a rather clumsy way, the handle is not one complete piece and the detailing isn’t great. There’s also a critical problem for UK readers – the knife has a locking mechanism, which means, despite its size, you cannot legally carry this knife in the UK. A bit of a disaster for a handy pocket knife.

All that said, the better half of your intrepid reviewer saw the pattern on the knife handle and immediately explained “I’ll have that”, and the knife was gone.



If you want a Spyderco knife, or indeed, one that is well-constructed, steer far away from this. However, as a cheap gift, or for a collector, this might be worth a buy.


2 / 5 stars     

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