Kealive Knife Sharpener Review

Kealive Knife Sharpener

  • Product: Kealive Knife Sharpener
  • Manufacturer: Kealive/Aukey
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  • Rating: 5/5

Knives are everyday carry items for most of our readers. Of course, even the best knife is useless if it’s blunt. Can the Kealive sharpener keep your knives ready to go?

First impressions


The sharpener comes in a somewhat plain brown box, although this actually works better than it might sound. There’s a nod to the ‘eco-friendly’ nature of this type of packaging, which is fair enough. Overall, you could certainly give this as a gift without disappointing your recipient. So far, so good!

Performance and features


The Kealive tool is a ‘pull through’ sharpener, which most of you will already be familiar with. You drag your knife over angled ‘blades’ which strip small amounts of steel from your knife to give a good edge. This particular sharpener offers coarse (carbide?) and fine (porcelain) sections. The angle is a little shy of 40°, which is most suitable for making ‘chopping’ edges. You’re likely to use ‘coarse’ if you’ve neglected your knife and need an emergency ‘quick’ sharpen, and fine for more routine steps to keep an edge on your knife.

The basic steps are to find the right angle for the knife (we found titled slightly upwards worked best) and pull the knife through your selected grade of sharpener. There’s little to go wrong here, and everything works as expected.

Let’s face it, coarse sharpening with a ‘pull through’ tool is never going to put an edge back on a blunt knife, although it certainly made a neglected blade usable again. The fine sharpener is the one you’re likely to use most, and this worked very well for routine maintenance without taking too much steel from the blade.

A nice touch is that the sharpening section is replaceable, presumably to allow for low cost replacement when the tool has reached the end of its life.

Another consideration, of course, is safety. The sharpener is nicely designed in that respect – holding the handle with one hand and sharpening with the other makes it nigh-on impossible that you’ll slip and cut yourself, and the rubberised base means the sharpener itself stays firm. Similarly, the edge of the tool ensures that even if you get a bit carried away with sharpening and pull the knife completely through, the blade catches on the plastic edge rather than gouging your work surface. There’s really nothing to complain about at all – it’s very well designed.


There are numerous ‘pull through’ sharpeners on the market, with very similar effectiveness in terms of keeping blades in good condition. The Kealive knife sharpener is nicely packaged, looks good and is well designed. We’re more than happy to recommend it if you’re looking for a sharpener of this type.




5 / 5 stars     

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