Victorinox Nail Clipper Review

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While best known for their Swiss Army knives, Victorinox sells everything from kitchenware to multi-tools. Today we’ll be taking a look at their stainless steel nail clippers, designed to fit to a keyring.

First impressions

Our first experience of the clipper was, frankly, not good. The packaging consisted of an envelope containing the clippers, which were in a cheap plastic pouch (see the photo below). Our immediate thought was to wonder if the item was a fake. Plus, if we wanted to keep the pouch we’d have to spend far too much time picking off the annoying sticker residue. Ho hum.

The item itself is more impressive. It’s folded flat, with no clear locking mechanism – instead, the clippers are held shut by the lever used to operate the clippers. This is clever and means the clippers fold almost entirely flat. They’re also nice and light, and construction quality seems good. They’ll go unnoticed on a keyring.

The screwdriver (?)

Bizarrely, the clippers claim three functions – clippers, file and screwdriver. It’s certainly possible to use the end of the file as a screwdriver, but we’re rather confused by the whole idea. It’s an odd afterthought that seems to be included as a bonus of some sort but which fails to impress. That said, we can’t real criticise the clippers for this, although we can shake our head at the Victorinox marketing department.

The clippers

You ‘pop’ open the clippers by lifting the file on the back upwards and they’ll *SNAP* open in a way that is mildly disconcerting at first, but is actually quite satisfying. The file part then sort of dangles around while you operate the clippers. This sounds bad, but isn’t much of a problem, depending on how you hold the item. The clippers are quite springy, and it’s easy to get enough leverage for nail cutting.

The cutting edges themselves are good and sharp, and close without any gaps. They’re more than up to the task of nail clipping. It’s occasionally awkward to be totally sure of how much nail you’re cutting, which is likely something you would get used to, but, overall, we like these. They’re certainly superior to most nail clippers we’ve used.

The file

The file is of the coarse metal variety and is pretty good – although it’s a little awkward to find a good place to hold the clippers while you’re using it. If there was a way to clip the file in place, this problem would be resolved entirely. It’s not unusable, but it is slightly annoying, particularly if you attach the clippers to a keyring as intended.


There’s a lot to like about the Victorinox nail clippers:

  • Innovative opening mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Folds flat
  • Fits on a keyring
  • Sharp cutting
  • Decent file

But there are also a few annoyances:

  • Unexpectedly poor packaging
  • Hard to hold the file
  • Not always easy to see where you’re cutting

All in all, for keyring nail cutters, these are the best we’ve come across so far, so they’ll make it onto our keyring – for now! We’ll report back after more extended use.


4 / 5 stars     

3 thoughts on “Victorinox Nail Clipper Review

  1. In my humble opinion one of the best features is the very low profile height which is what makes them so purposeful if you want to carry on a key ring. It has the sharpest cutting edges I have experienced. And correctly you pointed out that these might not be best for children because it is easy to cut too much nail at one bite if not careful. I rate
    these 8.5 pts out of 10 overall and higher if your purpose is compact profile.

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