Timberline O2 Wrench (4905) Review

  • timberline-02-wrenchProduct: Timberline O2 Wrench
  • Manufacturer: Timberline
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  • Rating: 3/5

Continuing our series of keyring multi-tool reviews, we have the Timberline O2 Wrench. How will it compare to the competition?

Timberline are best known for mid-range ‘tactical’ knives, although they do offer a small range of pens and accessories. The o2 wrench is a tiny one-piece keyring multi-tool, offering 5 functions:

  • 1.5″ blade
  • Seatbelt cutter
  • Bottle opener
  • Oxygen wrench
  • Flat screwdriver

First impressions

They O2 wrench comes in a rather boring blister pack which gives you a look at the tool itself, a plastic carrying case and a paracord lanyard. The tool itself is 440 steel and looks to be nicely constructed, with a surprisingly long blade for a small tool. Of course, this means the carrying case is a must if you are to avoid knifing yourself in the leg while bending down to pick up your shopping.

The lanyard also looks good – it’s sturdy and could actually be seen as a 6th feature.

The carry case looks poor, and is a concern immediately after opening the packaging. Let’s have a look at the features in more detail.

Knife blade

This is very reasonable for a keyring tool, and decently sharp out of the box. It doesn’t fold away, but it’s more than capable of opening boxes and small cutting tasks. It’s one of the better knife edges on a mini-tool.

Seatbelt cutter/cord cutter

This is a curved blade on the bottom edge of the tool. It’s also sharp out of the box, and is definitely able to cut effectively. Thumbs up for this one too!

Flat screwdriver

This is a fairly standard flat edge at the end of the tool. It’s serviceable enough, and there’s enough room to grip the ‘handle’ of the wrench to get some leverage. Nothing unexpected, but it’s good enough.

Oxygen wrench

We’re not sure if this more common with our friends over in the USA, but we’ve never had a situation where we needed an oxygen wrench. The one here is certainly sturdy enough, but hopefully you don’t need too much force to wrench open your oxygen, because your fingers are likely to linger dangerously near the blade if you do. This feature is OK.

Bottle opener

It’s a good bottle opener. It opens bottles. We have nothing more to add.

The case

The case is our biggest bugbear with the O2 wrench, for three reasons:

  • It’s essential, given the design of the tool
  • It’s cheaply constructed
  • Ours is already splitting open

The case is basically a cheap plastic container with two halves stuck together. After a short while of carrying the tool on a keyring and putting in/taking the wrench from the case, one edge is beginning to split. As you push the tool into the case it needs to ‘snap’ into place, which forces to the two sides apart. Given enough time, and the poor construction, it seems inevitable that it will break.  We certainly don’t think the risk of ruined trousers or slicing up our legs is very appealing.


High quality tool construction, a nice lanyard and decent functionality are let down by a poor (but nonetheless highly necessary) case. We can’t really recommend this over the Doohickey or Fixr. But at least it’s better than a Utilikey.


3 / 5 stars     

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