True Utility Clip Telepen (TU256) Review

Clip Telepen
We were fans of the original True Utility Telepen, and indeed, it earned it’s place on our daily keyring. You really begin to notice all those occasions when you would be rooting through drawers to find a writing implement, when you are always the guy with the pen. The keyring pen is a genuinely useful idea. Alas, after 12 months, our concerns about the closure of the pen were somewhat confirmed, and we had begun to find the lid attached to our keyring, but the actually pen body in our pocket. Luckily, we never lost the pen, but it seems likely that some people will. So, does the new design Telepen fix this issue, and will it replace the original on our keyrings? Continue reading

True Utility Telepen (TU46) Review

Update: there is a newer version of this item reviewed here – True Utility Clip Telepen
How many times have you needed to make a quick note, only to discover you can’t find a pen? If, like us, the answer is every time you need to write something then True Utility believe they have saved the day with the innovative, expanding TelePen – small enough to fit easily on a keyring. But can you actually write with the thing, or does it just waste valuable keyring space?