Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank Review


  • Product: Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank
  • Manufacturer: Xiaomi
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  • Rating: 5/5


A portable power-bank is practically a must for those who own a smartphone and use it regularly. It’s the difference between running out of battery at a crucial moment and having uninterrupted use of a smart device all day. Xiaomi are building a solid reputation as a mid-high end smartphone and accessories manufacturer. So is their power bank the one for you?

First impressions

Every Xiaomi product we’ve purchased has come in elegant packaging, and this is no different, with a white box containing a simple ‘Mi’ logo, and brief specs on the side. There’s also a scratch off panel to verify you have a  genuine product via http://www.mi.com/verify/. All very nice.

In the box we have the power bank, a (Chinese-only) instruction booklet and a slimline micro USB cable. The bank itself is very nicely presented in brushed aluminium and seems very sturdy. It’s slightly smaller than expected for a 10,000mAh battery pack.

Performance and features

Operation of the device is simple enough. Charge it up, plug your device in and press the power button to start charging. There are 4 LED indicators to show how much power is left in the device. It will also automatically turn off if you power it on but don’t insert a device.

Xiaomi reckon you’ll get 6520mAh of usable power from the device, which actually seems on the pessimistic side. We tested it with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which uses a 3200mAh battery, and we were able to get 2 (almost) complete charges with one LED still lit on the Xiaomi power bank. Our testing indicated charging at 1800mA (!), which is as fast (or faster) than a mains-powered USB wall charger. This is the fastest power bank we’ve used to date.

So, as a power bank it works well enough. However, the attention to detail in the device is what makes it a delight to use.

The pack will detect cable insertion, so no need to actually press the power button. If you’ve ever plugged your device into a power bank and forgotten to turn it on (as we’ve done with the otherwise excellent Anker 10000mAh unit) you’ll know how useful this is.

The casing is extremely sturdy and metal is a nice touch. You’re not going to worry about slinging this into your bag and forgetting about it. The device couldn’t be described as lightweight, but given the battery capacity, it’s lighter than you might expect. The dimensions are also good – instead of the ‘slate’ design common on larger power banks, this one is slightly thicker – but also shorter. This allows for another handy design choice – standing the device on its edge (no balancing required).


There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about Xiaomi’s power bank. It works exactly as advertised, it beautifully designed and – amazingly – it’s actually cheaper than most competing units. For the price, there’s nothing on the market to beat it, and it beats most offerings that are more expensive. Get one!


5 / 5 stars     

3 thoughts on “Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank Review

  1. Am using mi 2
    It’s of 2200 mah, I can able to charge 2.5 times 0- 100% totally 5500 mah conversion out of 10000mah .

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