Spyderco Bug (C133) Pocket Knife Review

Spyderco Bug Pocket Knife

Today we have perhaps the smallest functional knife you’re likely to come across – the Sypderco Bug, a knife just 4cm long when closed and just over 7cm when opened. It’s also very competitively priced at under a tenner at many retailers, and just £7 at some stores at the time of writing. But does it actually work, or is it just an impressively small gadget that’s not really very useful?


The knife comes nicely packaged in a small black jewellery-style box, with the Spyderco emblem in silver. It won’t win any awards, but it’s pleasant enough, protects the blade and is a nice touch if you plan to buy one of these as a gift (which is a good idea!).

First Impressions

Reading reviews and specifications won’t quite prepare you for how small the knife is – it’s very, very small indeed. But it’s perfectly formed, with laser-etched branding and a brushed metal finished. First impressions – it’s a quality piece.

Performance & Features

As opposed to the more common ‘fingernail groove’ to assist with opening the knife, the Bug has a hole at the bottom of the blade to provide grip in order to open. And actually, this mechanism works better than a groove, and it is straightforward to open the knife. In fact, it snaps open in a thoroughly satisfying way with a small click. It’s a nice little process, and you’ll find yourself opening and closing just to admire the action. There’s also a small hole to allow you to fit the knife to your keyring or keychain – and let’s face it, that’s likely to be where you put the Bug, and this works fine, and the knife remains usable on your keyring.

The blade arrived super-sharp, and is surprisingly functional, cutting paper, cardboard and fruit (!) with ease, and providing the day-to-day functions of much larger knives.



I bought the Spyderco Bug with the intention of having a small but reliable knife to attach to my keyring. And it has fit the bill perfectly. Low weight, small size but very functional. If you don’t want bulky pockets, but want to know that you’re always equipped for small cutting tasks, then this is the knife for you. At 7 quid, you’d be a fool not to get one just to impress your mates with 😉

5 / 5 stars     

4 thoughts on “Spyderco Bug (C133) Pocket Knife Review

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  2. Are you kidding! This knife saved my life when I rolled my car at night on a deserted gravel country road and I was trapped by gravity in a locked seatbelt I could’nt undo, upside down. The deafening silence was brocken by the dripping sound of intoxicating pertol gathering in a pool on the roof centimertes from my head. The Bug saved my life cutting the seat belt like butter, so I could escape the car!

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