True Utility CashStash (TU241) Review

True Utility CashStash (TU241)Product: True Utility CashStash (TU241)

 If you’ve ever been out and about to suddenly discover you’ve forgotten your wallet, or you’ve ever been stranded without cash to get home you’ll know how frustrating (or embarrassing!) that situation can be. Have True Utility found the answer to carrying emergency funds?


It’s blister-plastic packaging for the CashStash. Not good for a gift (although the product might be).

First Impressions

The CashStash is has a cold grey plastic feel, although we’re reliably informed it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminium. There’s a rubber seal which aims to keep up the claim of being waterproof. It doesn’t seem especially sturdy and may well end up getting a bit scratched in the pocket. In terms of size, it’s about a cigar shape in diameter, although much shorter. All that said, it seems like a reasonable fit as a general keyring – with added functionality, of course.

Performance & Features

To place your note into the CashStash seems to involve a convoluted process that includes using a small metal money-clip type of affair to wrap the note into a spiral. We quickly abandoned this method (and the money clip) in favour of simply rolling up a £20 note, placing it into the cap (not the ‘body’ of the tube) and then screwing the lid on. Simple enough. It attaches easily to a keyring and is pretty much unnoticeable in the pocket.

We tested for water resistance by dropping the CashStash into a basin full of water. And it worked admirably, with our note emerging completely dry and intact. Overall, does the job, at an adequate price.




As a way of carrying emergency cash, the TU241 does exactly what was asked of it. It’s also light, and a comfortable inclusion on a key ring. In fact, we think it would be the ideal way to liven up a cash gift for birthdays or Christmas. Even for those not looking for emergency cash, there are likely other uses you could find for this gadget (apparently some carry emergency pills in it!). The slightly cheap feel docks it a half a point, but that’s really nitpicking. It’s a little bit of reassurance in your pocket. Get one.

Have a question?

Want us to see if the CashStash is fire resistant? Have a question about what you can fit in it? Let us know in the comments!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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