Swiss+Tech Micro-Plus EX 9-in-1 Key Ring Tool Review

Swiss+Tech Micro Pro 9 in 1
  • Product: Swiss+Tech Micro-Plus EX
  • Manufacturer: Swiss+Tech
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  • Rating: 1/5

Swiss+Tech have a decent reputation as a manufacturer of a variety of keyring tools and other kit. So, how does their 9-in 1 key tool stand up to scrutiny?

There are a few keyring-sized multi-tools with a focus on a screwdriver/pliers combination – indeed, Swiss+Tech also have the Micro Pro which is very similar. This was has a large and small version of phillips/flat screwdrivers, and a set of pliers with wire cutters/strippers. Apparently, there’s a bottle-opener too, although if there is it isn’t particularly useful.

First Impressions

The tool is nicely constructed in stainless steel, and thrown in a pocket alongside keys stays in pretty good shape. The tools snap pull out easily enough (with one fatal flaw, which will be discussed later). Overall, seems like decent kit.

Performance & Features

The use of the pliers to lock in place on a keyring is a nice feature, and means that the tool can essentially be a keyfob all of its own. I tend to use tools like this for small maintenance/DIY tasks, like fiddling with the inside of computers and similar. The screwdriver tips seem OK, and the pliers themselves quite grippy. The curved design makes it slightly awkward to find a decent position for holding the tool when unscrewing, but it’s all usable.

However, having had the tool for only a short while, the mechanism has become looser and looser, to the point at which the handles of the pliers just swing freely making the whole thing totally impossible to use. You cannot use the pliers or screwdrivers without the whole thing wobbling all over the place (see the picture below of holding the plier handles). So, unfortunately, this is just not fit for purpose at all. Whether this is a one-off manufacturing problem I don’t know, although I have seen reviews elsewhere complaining of similar problems.

Swiss+Tech offer a lifetime warranty (PDF) for manufacturing defects (which I believe this is) but this would involve paying for postage from the UK to the US, which would cost as much as replacing the unit (which I don’t want to do anyway). So, into the box of useless stuff in a store cupboard it goes.



The failed handle mechanism means that this tool is unusable and a waste of money. Learn from our experience and avoid it. Poor show Swiss+Tech – we expect more!

1 / 5 stars     

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